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B2B Portal is a good source of providing organizations with a global platform for their products and services involves the transactions between two companies or organizations like a manufacture and a wholesaler, Or between a wholesaler and a retailer and you can say that B2B may be used to facilitate financial transactions as well. We offer registration services, advertisement services, personalization services,promotional services, Website facilities,content management business analysis and administration and value added services, reporting facilities like chat, email, news, message boards, greeting cards, polls and quizzes.We design applictions for Linux & Windows. Our database is web based and runs on any client with a web browser installed.Our professional staff is expert in developing the best B2B Portal for your company.

  • Admin panel to manage site

  • Sign Up Feature

  • Member Area to manage enquiries

  • Manage/Upload unlimited products/services

  • Manage Free Website

  • Classified Listing of Portal

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